Cadmus - Noise Suppression in Linux


Working remote has been a huge change for a lot of us.  Making these videos for the last two and a half years has been a huge learning experience for me, especially when it comes to our mics and background noise.

When we all started working remote, meeting with friends and family over the internet, we started realizing just how much noise we have in our environments in the background.

I wanted to find an application that is open source, and Linux friendly that could help filter the background noise in real-time to improve the quality of my audio when I'm joining the many, many virtual meetings I'm in each day.

This is where Cadmus comes in.  It is a utility that provides a simple, clean front end to the capabilities already built into Pulse Audio, but aren't quite so easy to use through the Pulse Audio CLI.

How it works

Cadmus creates a tray icon on your system, and you simple choose the mic / input interface you want to use it on from there.  Then in your application, you simply pick the new input device called Cadmus - some text - (use me!).

Yes, it literally says "(use me!)" when you are selecting it.

Then just use your mic normally, and let the people on the other end hear you, and not what's happening all around you.

Download and Install

You can download Cadmus from the Github repostiory on the release pages.  You can opt for the source code, a build specific to your OS if it exists, or you can download the .appimage file, and just use that.

If you get the .appimage, then simply move the downloaded file to a location where you want to keep it permanently, then right click on it.

Select "Properties" from the context menu that is shown.  Next, find and select the "Permissions" tab.  On this tab, make sure the option for "Allow executing as a program" is enabled (checked), then close the properties window.

Now, you can simply double click the .appimage file, and Cadmus will start.  You'll see a simple microphone looking icon display in your system tray area.

Use this icon by clicking, or right-clicking on it, and selecting to enable the noise suppression on the mic of your choice.


You need to have your desired input device connected to the computer before starting the Cadmus app.